The Law firm

Based in Gatineau City, RPGL is one of the most respected law firms in western Quebec, with over twenty professionals covering all aspects of the law.

RPGL has undergone several name changes since 1975. With the merger of Gatineau’s two most prestigious law firms in 1988, the office really began its ascent. RPGL became the official designation of our law firm in 2007.

The year 2015 saw an important milestone in the expansion of the firm. We merged expertise with another prestigious office specializing exclusively in labour and employment law, the well-established Saucier, Carpentier-Cayen.

In July 2018, a complete array of high quality legal services could be provided to our clients and partners with a new merger. Lawyer Richard LeBlanc from LeBlanc Donaldson joined RPGL together with his solid team specializing in construction law, real estate law and co-ownership law.

In October 2019, lawyers from Lapointe Beaulieu joined RPGL to further expand the range of services offered by our multidisciplinary team to public institutions, businesses, community organizations and individuals, in all areas of the law.



Offering our services with efficiency, objectivity, accuracy, and professionalism. It means doing what we say – and doing it well.


Acting in accordance with the values of the profession and the firm, fostering a relationship of trust with our clients and colleagues.


Demonstrate honesty, transparency and loyalty in our choices and actions, both towards our clients and towards the members of our team.


Promote collaboration, mutual support, respect, and openness, recognizing each other’s strengths so we can build on them to achieve our mission.


RPGL’s mission is to offer a complete range of innovative legal solutions.

Our clients are at the heart of our priorities. Our professional team will answer your questions with constancy, empathy, and efficiency.


At RPGL, good communication is of paramount importance, the centre piece of our first-class legal services.  

The firm is equipped with modern equipment that allows us to offer services at the cutting edge of technology. We are directly connected to major databases. Our communication systems are fully computerized and tailored to the needs of our clients.