Civil and Contractual Liability

Our expertise

  • Personal injury liability claims
  • Professional Liability
  • Reputation Damage Remedies
  • Insurance claims
  • Remedies for breach of contract
  • Collection of accounts

A team of experts

At RPGL, our lawyers specializing in civil and administrative law provide you with legal advice specifically tailored to your needs when a dispute arises or when the time comes to plan for the long term. Over the years, our experts have built stellar credibility and a solid reputation as the go-to professionals to represent you, whatever your situation. You can count on our team to implement a strategy that you are comfortable with, towards solving your specific problem or challenge.

Issues made simple

Long-standing clients come back to us regularly for the advice of some of the most respected professionals in the field. When conflicts arise, you can count on us to help you gain clarity and safeguard your interests, no matter how complex the situation. When you face a civil liability or insurance problem, our specialized team of lawyers use their sound expertise to find the most effective solution to the issue. We handle cases involving the interpretation of insurance contracts, a frequent source of litigation between the insured and the insurer. We conduct in-depth analysis of the applicable coverage and exclusions. We evaluate claims and requests for indemnity submitted by insured parties, guide them in the preparation of their claims and advise insurers regarding fraudulent claims. We also act in disputes involving construction bonds.