Labour law and employment law

Our expertise

  • Labour standards
  • Negotiations, drafting and interpretation of individual employment contracts
  • Union certification
  • Concerted action, strikes and essential services
  • Interpretation and application of union certification
  • Bargaining, interpretation and application of collective agreements
  • Arbitration of grievances and disputes
  • Judicial review and representation in legal proceedings
  • Termination of employment, dismissal and other disciplinary measures
  • Performance management
  • Management of absenteeism
  • Psychological harassment
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Workplace injuries and occupational diseases
  • Conciliation and mediation
  • Investigation and organizational diagnosis

Our qualified experts

The field of labour and employment law is an essential dimension of any occupational and professional workplace. At RPGL, our legal experts provide strategic advice based on the specific situations you face, in full compliance with the laws of the land. We represent employers in a variety of fields, such as health and social services, education, municipalities and institutions, as well as the private sector. Our team is well versed in current issues and has the necessary expertise to accompany and represent you, particularly before the Administrative Labour Tribunal, the Human Rights Commission and the civil courts. You can also count on our team to negotiate your collective agreements or manage a crisis in labour relations.

We understand your issues

Our legal experts have a comprehensive understanding of the issues today’s employers are facing with respect to labour relations. We know how critical labour relations may be to the health of your organization. As an employer, you know that sound management of your human capital is key to your productivity and competitiveness. RPGL is your trusted partner, one you can rely on for thoughtful solutions tailored to your needs and focused on your success, whether in the public, parapublic or private sector.