Institutional and municipal law

Our expertise

  • Access to information
  • Privacy and protection of personal and private information
  • Expropriation
  • Property assessment reviews
  • Call for tenders and awarding of public contracts
  • Zoning, development and urban planning
  • Environmental law
  • Municipal taxation
  • Drafting of by-laws and resolutions
  • Representation before civil and administrative tribunals
  • Drafting of private members’ bills and submission to the National Assembly
  • Representation before parliamentary committees
  • Negotiation and drafting of public contracts

A recognized expertise

RPGL enjoys an enviable reputation in the field of institutional and municipal law, assisting numerous municipalities and public or parapublic institutions in Quebec. With extensive knowledge of the laws applicable to the municipal and institutional domains, our specialized lawyers advise and represent our clients with great effectiveness before civil and administrative courts. Our experienced team keeps abreast of the latest issues that affect government institutions. They are widely recognized for their sharp expertise on every facet of their legal domain.

Professional representation

Our practice in institutional and municipal law includes a wide range of services from environmental law to expropriations, through to the management of calls for tenders. Legal issues relating to the powers and jurisdictions of municipalities, property assessment, taxation, urban planning (zoning, subdivision plans, construction, etc.), contract award procedures, criminal offences arising from by-laws, and access to information are all examples of our broad expertise. We provide sound advice to public and private corporations dealing with environmental issues of all kinds, whether it be waste management, contamination or pollution, or environmental policies and legislation.

Negotiation experts

Our lawyers are recognized experts in negotiating and drafting contracts, these are specialists you can trust across all of your issues and representation needs. Our clients look to RPGL’s institutional and municipal lawyers for professional legal advice and opinions based on years of experience in the field.