Real estate and construction law

Our expertise

  • Legal hypothec of construction or renovation
  • Claims for defects in workmanship and construction
  • Construction contracts
  • Equipment purchase contracts
  • Construction site insurance and project surety bonds
  • Claims outside the contract
  • Liability of parties involved in the construction process
  • Claims for hidden defects
  • Real estate—promise to purchase and sale
  • Servitudes and rights of way
  • Divided and undivided co-ownership

Your best ally

As an owner, contractor, promoter or other party, the team at RPGL specializing in real estate and construction law is your best ally in all matters related to real estate transactions. Our lawyers are seasoned negotiation professionals who are committed to solving your problems and seeing your projects through to completion. At RPGL, when you choose a lawyer specialized in real estate and construction law, you can count on a trusted partner who will understand your issues and support you in the realization of your most ambitious projects.

Professionals who listen to you

Real estate projects and transactions involving securities are seldom simple. Being able to count on a team of experienced professionals will afford you the peace of mind you need to bring your project to fruition, and help solve the problems you face. We built our reputation on our solid experience, to which our long-standing clients do testify. This vast experience allows us to offer a wide range of services. The challenge you face requires the support of the best lawyers: those with the RPGL team.

A diverse client base

We provide services to a diversity of clients, including owners, contractors, material suppliers and subcontractors, advising them on current operations and supporting them through their various relations within the construction industry.